Where Details Matter

Where Details Matter

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Specialty Services

Providing inspired finishing for your print project is not the end for us. Once your printed piece is finished, there is still more to be done. As a full-service print finisher, we are well equipped to handle your kit packing, fulfillment and mailing. And before your project gets started we can work with you to provide custom design services and die fabrication.

Binding Edge Reinforcing:

Before your project gets bound, we can reinforce the binding edge of tabs and pages with clear mylar capping to give added durability. Binding edge reinforcing is perfect for address books, binder dividers, medical records, clinical notes, tabbing dividers, reinforced 2-hole punched sheets and more.

Custom Design (Structural):

If you are planning to create a dimensional print piece, our custom design experts can help. By leveraging our knowledge and expertise of print finishing techniques including cutting, folding, gluing and more, we can help you produce an inspired piece.


If you are running out of places to store your finished print pieces, we can store your materials and ship inventory as needed — whether it's one piece or 10,000 pieces. To protect your collateral, our warehouse is climate controlled and secure.


If you need to reinforce your printed piece, such as a swatch book or signs or tags, grommet binding adds additional strength. We provide metal (nickel or brass) grommets in a variety of sizes. Our grommet presses ensure that your grommets are inserted properly and accurately each time.

Hole Drilling: 

Looking to add sheets, tabs or already bound manuals and catalogs to a binder? Our automated index drill machine provides clean and accurate multi-hole drilling. We can drill through hundreds of sheets at once and can create multiple holes in one pass.

Kit Packing:

Whether you need sales and marketing kits, direct mail kits or any other specialty kit, we have the equipment and skilled team to handle your kit packing efficiently and cost effectively. Our robust processes and quality control procedures make sure your kits are assembled quickly and accurately while making sure the finished product looks great.


Once your printed piece is finished, we can mail it for you. Simply send us your mail list and our automated inkjet mailing equipment will get each piece labelled and zip code sorted. We offer variable data printing for personalization. What's more, we can finish all of your direct mail pieces with our Rollem Mailstream. This revolutionary system allows us to process multiple-up mail pieces and perform numerous functions — trimming, cutting, scoring, perforating, folding, gluing and tipping — in one pass with delivery to mail trays in zip code order.


If you need to add unique identification numbers to your documents, count on us. Our high-speed numbering machines can quickly print sequential identification numbers that appear in one position or in multiple positions on each document. Perfect for contracts, invoices, forms, checks and any piece that needs easy reference.

Shrink Wrapping:

Protect your finished products with our shrink wrap services. Our multiple shrink wrapping lines can bundle and wrap your product for shipping and for display. We can also group products in fixed quantities.

Steel Rule Die Fabrication:

If you need accurate, affordable custom dies, we can help. We manufacture cutting, scoring and perfing dies to extremely high tolerances with state-of-the-art, computer controlled cutting and steel rule bending equipment. We can fabricate custom steel rule dies to your exact specifications, and in an infinite variety of shapes and materials.

Tab Cutting and Mylar Cap:

When your publication needs attractive, separated sections, our custom tab cutting and color mylar reinforcing adds finesse and function. We are your one-stop shop for tabs. We can simply cut tabs or cut and cap them with a variety of mylar colors using our high-speed tabbing equipment.

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